Activate Your Roku Device

If you want to activate the Roku device on your tv and pc, then you need to enter 5 digits alphanumeric Roku link code using That may look like “HSSJ7” (this is sample Roku link code). You need to login to activate Roku, sign in if you have a Roku account otherwise you need to create a new account. Then, sign in with the Roku username and password.

How to Get Roku Link Code?
  1. Open a browser and visit and login Roku account using username and password.
  2. Enter Roku account credentials to login Roku
  3. Then, click on generate Roku link code
  4. When you get Roku link code open your Roku device to enter code
  5. Put Roku Activation code in the code section

How to Sign up for Roku Account?

  1. Open any web browser
  2. Visit Website
  3. In the Sign-up section, create your Roku account by entering a valid email id and password.
  4. It’s recommended to put a strong, secure password to create a Roku account. You can include one Special Character as (@,#,$,%,&,) in your password
  5. Add your Account payment information and create and secure PIN password.
  6. Sync your favorite channel/Shows to stream on your Roku T.V.

How to activate my Roku using

  1. Once you get the Roku code link, make a note of it.
  2. Now use your laptop or smartphone to open the website “”.
  3. When you open this website, simply enter the Roku activation code at the space given on the website and click on “submit”.
  4. The codes will take a few seconds to verify, once done, you will get a popup indication of successful linking of the account across the devices.
  5. The process to Activate Roku is completed successfully.

How to Update Your Roku Device?

Steps for updating your Roku device

  1. Click on the home button on your Roku remote to update Roku.
  2. Open menu option and select settings.
  3. Select the system option in the system update.
  4. Choose the Check Now option and click the OK button.
  5. Finally, it will automatically check for new software.